I broke the family axe

it was an axeident

why does your family have a family axe

the real question is why doesn’t yours

I don’t know, I’ll axe my parents.

Yeah, well, that didn’t turn out so well when Lizzie Borden did it…..

Not for her parents, at least.


My sister is getting married in Sanibel, FL mid-October.  I live in Greensboro, NC.

A) Fly.    I haven’t been on a plane since I was a child.  I’m not afraid to fly.  I am, however, less drawn to the whole process of going to the airport, dealing with luggage, getting a rental, and a hotel room on top of that. Even so, I have round trip tickets for $268, departing on a Thursday and returning on a Sunday.  But… it’s not too late to cancel the tickets.  I’d be out $30 if I did.

B.) Drive.     It is a (roughly) 12.5 hour drive.  Gas might come out to be slightly cheaper than the flight.  I wouldn’t need a rental.  Would likely still need a room somewhere, but maybe one night less (Thursday night spent driving?).  Really wish I had someone going with me to split the drive.  The hassles of being single again?

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I’ve never seen a Welsh hesher in the flesh…

How is he not dead?


For my anon from the other day.


I am good.  I live in North Carolina now.  I have lost the friendship of my ex-husband, his family, and our mutual friends, but I am… if not okay with it entirely… accepting it and going on.

Truth is, people change.  Truth is, that I changed.  I was codependent and needy and okay with putting others in charge of my life.  I thought of my own happiness as a secondary thing.  Unsurprisingly, that made me rather unhappy.

My ex took care of the little girl that grew up lacking the love and security she needed from her parents.  She didn’t have to worry about her nurturer leaving her, ever.  When I was no longer that little girl, when I decided to push forward on the things that I wanted in life… I realized that I would rather be happy apart than miserable together.

You’d think the break up flowed easily from there.  It did not.  But what’s done is done and I am good with my new life.  I am happy.

Thank you for your words & concern.

Much love to you all.