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I broke the family axe

it was an axeident

why does your family have a family axe

the real question is why doesn’t yours

I don’t know, I’ll axe my parents.

Yeah, well, that didn’t turn out so well when Lizzie Borden did it…..

Not for her parents, at least.

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My sister is getting married in Sanibel, FL mid-October.  I live in Greensboro, NC.

A) Fly.    I haven’t been on a plane since I was a child.  I’m not afraid to fly.  I am, however, less drawn to the whole process of going to the airport, dealing with luggage, getting a rental, and a hotel room on top of that. Even so, I have round trip tickets for $268, departing on a Thursday and returning on a Sunday.  But… it’s not too late to cancel the tickets.  I’d be out $30 if I did.

B.) Drive.     It is a (roughly) 12.5 hour drive.  Gas might come out to be slightly cheaper than the flight.  I wouldn’t need a rental.  Would likely still need a room somewhere, but maybe one night less (Thursday night spent driving?).  Really wish I had someone going with me to split the drive.  The hassles of being single again?

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